Visiting Ghafouri Dormitory

The city of Bardeskan is located in the province of Khorasan Jonoubi and has a population of more than 30 thousands residents. Although numerous students and children with special gifts were identified from this town previously, this city still is in critical needs for suitable educational space to support and educate the children and youth that live in this city. Ghafouri Dormitory is established by a number of philanthropists to provide an opportunity for girls to continue their education through high school. Many young girls from villages neighboring Bardeskan, are deprived of the chance to continue their education, due to long distance. This dormitory provides this opportunity for them to continue their education and live in the dorms during their school days.
POUYA and philanthropists visited this dormitory on November 28th, 2019. Guests were warmly welcomed by students and guests visited all areas of Ghafouri Dormitory. Following students’ requests, POUYA provided the dormitory with athletic and educational tools, including a ping-pong table with a number of racquets, a chess board, and other gifts. POUYA’s management team agreed to arrange and provide an industrial sewing machine, from which a revenue will be generated. This revenue will be used to cover part of the expenses of the dormitory.