According to the Public Relations Institute of “Pouya Hamyaran-E-Farhang-O-Honar”, the mayor, along with the head of Tehran’s city council and urban managers, attended the fourth phase of the service scheduled in Tehran’s 3rd district.

Tehran Mayor Alireza Zakani at a meeting with the elites of district 3 said: I am pleased to be present in this area and since the beginning of the morning with an initial review and a glimpse of visits to various projects in zone 3, and we can use the capacity of the elites to provide better conditions for continuing to live in zone 3.

“There are good and decent things being done in District 3, but citizens are facing hardships in the surrounding environment that need to be addressed,” he said.

According to this  report, Zakani pointed to the distance north and south in the capital noted: In zone 3, we also face this problem so that in some neighborhoods they are deprived of the least facilities and people are struggling with a lot of problems.

Mr. Ehsan Afsarian, managing director of Pouya Institute, also attended the meeting.