Sending nutritionist, hygienist and optometrist team to Qaleh Ganj County in Kerman province

In the 2end June, 2021, with a view of continuing student’s education, nutritional interventions and optometry Programme, Pouya’s expert team that consisting of nutritionist, hygienist, optometrist and documentary filmmaker left for far and low-income villages of Ghale Ganj county of Kerman province and their stay in the region is expected to last three weeks.
According to the Public Relations Department of Pouya charity, the efforts of the dispatched team will be concentrated in the villages of Solan, ordugah, and Zir Damneh of Qaleh-e-gang, ocated in the less privileged areas of Kerman province. The purpose of the mission is to raise awareness about how to prevent COVID-19 and the importance of controlling it. In line with Pouya’s charity commitment to participating in the Global Environment Facility Program of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). Within the work plan of this project, and in order to keep the people of the targeted villages in good health, Pouya charity included on its agenda the responsibility of distributing packages of medical materials to struggle Corona Virus, consisting of thirty thousand medical masks and five thousand packages of medical alcohol.

This project also included distributing food and medicine rations to students suffering from internal diseases. Complementary medicines containing vitamins and minerals will be distributed, including:

  • VivaKids Ferosis Drops  30 ml
  • Vitane Irovit ORAL DROPS  15 ml
  • Health Aid Pregnazon tablets
  • Vitabiotics Pregnacare Conception tablets

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Pouya charity has been committed to spreading public health awareness by engaging students by creating opportunities for them to share their health experiences with other students and teachers. During this trip, about 1,800 notebooks and 1,800 bundles of colored pens were distributed to the students of Kang Castle in Kerman.
Another goal of the expedition team in this trip is eye examination of 1800 students of the mentioned villages, which will be performed by an optometrist expedition from Kerman.