POUYA‘s charity is a non-governmental, non-political institution that focuses principally on reducing poverty in the deprived or less privileged areas by means of educational infrastructure developments and improvement of children and students’ hands-on and technical skills. POUYA has focused its strategies and operations on civil and infrastructure developments, which include building and equipping educational and cultural centers. In addition, POUYA promotes the development of personal as well as team skills, entrepreneurship, empowerments, and readiness of students for future job opportunities.
POUYA is managed and funded through the received support, funds, and contributions. These contributions are received from generous donors and philanthropists, individual citizens, and organizations from local communities as well as abroad, and they all significantly assist, allow, and empower POUYA to pursue its goals.
 POUYA is fortunate to have members and a board of directors that possess 2 decades of presence, experience, and leadership in providing educational and cultural services in poor and deprived areas. With such valuable experience, POUYA seeks to develop and increase students’ skills while laying the groundwork to create job opportunities.
By actively updating protocols and improving a wide range of support and assistance, from training and education to scholarships and financial support, POUYA also considers the strengths and potentials of every region under its supervision, to promote sustainable developments.
With proper planning and preparation in work training, education, and communications, POUYA intends to expand its coverage and support more skilled and empowered students. This institution plans to use the latest technology in its support and empowerment of students in deprived areas.
POUYA’s values and principles are centered on transparency and accountability towards contributors’ trust, maintaining human dignity while respecting cultures and traditions, and actively sustaining and improving financial resources to promote growth for students and children in areas most in need.