Mr. Hasan Mahochian Asl

Main member of the board and the board’s chairman

In 1975, he obtained a master’s degree in civil engineering from the Faculty of Engineering, University of Tehran. He has provided benefits to many poor areas in the country through his specialization and deep experience in the field of construction. Building and operating educational spaces, educational assistance, and infrastructures such as schools, Vocational schools, dormitories, libraries, and other cultural centers were among his most important activities. After the establishment of Pouya Charity, he continued to serve his compatriots for some time as the CEO and now as the Chairman of the Board of Directors in it.

Mr. Ehsan Afsarian Mohassel

Managing Director and a main member of the board

Ehsan Afsarian was born in Tehran IN 1974; He started his career in the field of tourism and is currently the CEO of Parasto sier Airlines. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in tourism management, he was actively involved in charitable and non-profit organizations. Now he is a member of the board of directors of the Institute of Eheaa Arzeshha, a member of the board of trustees of the Sabzevar Baran Institute, and a main member of the board and managing director of the Pouya charity.

Mr. Mohammad Nasser Mousavi

Board’s Main Member and Vice Chairman

Mohammad Nasser Mousavi was born in 1956 in Tehran, after studying architectural engineering and gaining experience in civil engineering, he creates a link between his specialty and humanitarian affairs. Supporting a large number of development projects such as building and rebuilding educational and cultural buildings in deprived areas and years of cooperation with other civic organizations is part of his charitable activities. Now, He is the Vice Chairman of the Pouya’s Charity.

Mr. Mahmoud Ehsani Banafti

Main board member and treasurer

Mahmoud Ehsani Banafti was born in 1961, after completing his education and gaining years of experience in the field of interaction and communication, he took valuable steps in the way of charity and good deeds. And with the help of building and repairing educational centers in Khorasan and Sistan and Baluchistan provinces, and setting up non-profit educational centers, he worked to establish a Pouya’s non-governmental organization. Now he serves as treasurer and principal board member.

Mrs. Mojgan Alizadeh Sagharlou

Main member of the board

Mojgan Alizadeh was born in Tehran in 1973, after obtaining a bachelor’s degree in management, she worked in her field for many years, and then, through active and voluntary participation in other charitable societies, she took valuable steps in the direction of charitable work and serving needy people. Due to her experience in the field of supporting young people and adolescents in disadvantaged areas of the country, now she is one of the founders of Pouya Charity and a main member of directors broad.

Mr. Alireza Tavakkoli

Alternate member of the board

Alireza Tavakoli was born in 1348 in Tehran. He got his bachelor’s degree from Khajeh Nasir al-Din Tusi University and has been involved in civil engineering activities ever since.
He has been a member of the board of trustees of “Hamrah” Charity since 2010 and is also one of the benefactors of Valiasr Mosque in Tehran.
And now Pouya Institute is proud of his presence in its board of directors.

Mr. Mustafa Bagheri

Board’s Main Member and Vice Chairman

Basic lawyer of a judiciary with a master’s degree in private law