Pouya’s International Affairs Unit

Pursuant to article number nine of the association, and in accordance with the objectives, vision, and mission of the Pouya institution, collaborators Culture and Art, the objectives of the Pouya Committee for International Affairs were defined and concluded as follows:
  • Build up international cooperation to improve the quality and quantity of education and its expansion at the national level.
  • Raise domestic validity by being on the list of world-renowned educational brands to increase national participation.
  • Increase of innovation in the field of learning through the transfer of new technologies.
  • Participation in international projects.
Pouya institution has been able to achieve significant success at the national and international level in a short period of time since the beginning of its official activities, which can be referred to the following:
  • Serious and effective cooperation of Pouya Institute members with the Rehabilitation Institute to attract EU assistance in the spring project of Bam city of Kerman province, in order to establish training and educational cooperatives for women heads of households
  • Attracting assistance from the Australian Embassy and Consulate in Tehran, to equip Hazrat Zeinab (PBUH) vocational center for girls located in South Khorasan Province.
  • Becoming a member of the World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations, called WANGO to cooperate and participate in international projects in accordance with the goals and mission of Pouya’s charity.
  • Registration in Funding & Tenders portal (F&T portal) of  the European Commission  with the purpose of achieving a common Cooperation and Participation in International Projects, those are in a line with the goals and mission of Pouya’s charity
  • Obtaining the approval of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP / SGP) with ECHO (Global Environmental Programs) in order to create regional cooperation and participation in the CORONA virus pandemic Prevention Project.