POUYA, which stands for Advocates of Culture and Arts, is a non-profit and non-governmental organization, founded by philanthropists experienced in development of infrastructures needed for education and empowerment of youth in impoverished areas. POUYA has been established to help improve awareness and empowerment, which is believed to be the key and first step in fighting poverty; cultural, social, and economic poverty. By developing the infrastructure needed to provide scientific and theoretical educations, as well as vocational institutions to provide professional and hands-on skills, POUYA aims to build a more educated and talented workforce, benefiting all social capacities


  Establish suitable space for students’ safety, security, and improved quality of education, in deprived areas.
  Empowerment of the futurists and change makers in the country, by providing hands-on and technical education.
  Improve the standards on awareness, vision, knowledge, individual and social skills among students.
  Develop and increase hope, satisfaction, and happiness among children and students.
  Create job opportunities, with emphasis on art, native industrial needs, and technical skills.
  Identify and support those who are deprived due to financial and cultural poverty.
Values and principles
  Prioritize and “superiorize” professionalism and rule of law.
  Respect and preserve human dignity.
  Respect and preserve Iranian culture and traditions.
  Accountability and transparency.
  Respect and follow the objectives of donors.
  Respect and abide by Social and Cultural Responsibilities.