Five goats have been donated to the residents of Marz village of Ghale-e-Ganj city

According to the public relations department of Pouya charity, five goats was donated to the low-income residents of Marz village in the Chah Dadkhoda section of Qala-e-Ganj city, in the south of Kerman province.
According to this report, three philanthropists have covered the financial cost of preparing these five goats, and for the first time, this number has been allocated to the less privileged areas of Qala-e-Ganj area of Kerman province.
It is worth mentioning that Pouya Institute has donated 36 goats to the residents of rural and low-income areas of Sistan and Baluchestan province by launching a goat donation campaign.
In addition to adapting to the region’s climate, goats can give milk all year round and can help the rural household economy with at least twice annual reproduction.