According to the Public Relations Department of Pouya charity, and with the aim of launching the “Pouya Sports House” project in rural areas, the first sports house was equipped with the necessary sports equipment and facilities in the village of Gask, located in Qohestan district, Darmian county, South Khorasan Province.
Malek sports hall is located on the main road of the village and near to Al-Shahid Shuaibi High School and Farroukhi Yazdi Primary School.
It is noteworthy that the village of Gask, with a population of eight hundred, is considered one of the least prosperous and poorest villages in comparison to the rest of the villages of South Khorasan province, and it is about sixty-five kilometers far from the city of Birjand.
Required sports equipment and facilities include:
  • Darts game
  • four balls and a network of volleyball
  • four balls and nets for basketball
  • Tennis supplies, including tow nets, tow balls and four rackets
  • four soccer balls and a small soccer goal
  • Ping pong (table tennis) with a net with ten bundles of balls and four pairs of rackets
  • freestanding table football game
    According to this report, these tools are now located in Malek sports hall under the supervision of education officials in the city of Darmian, and students can now use them during sports class hours and also outside  school times, in coordination with local school managers.