“According to the public relations of “Pouya Hamyaran-E-Farhang-O-Honar Institute; During the periodic visits to vocational schools in low-income areas, some educational centers do not have the necessary equipment and facilities and only pass the educational calendar theoretically.
While most people at home or work have a number of unused electrical appliances that, in addition to taking up space and preoccupation, they have to throw away in one of the moving or relocating homes. This is also environmentally damaging and should not be buried with other waste in any way.
However, most of these items have educational efficiency for vocational schools and educational centers.

The field of repair of electrical appliances in the vocational school   is one of the issues that is faced with severe poverty of electrical equipment .
In order to equip conservatory workshops, Pouya Institute has implemented a plan to collect out of service or used electrical appliances.
In this social campaign, Pouya Institute expresses its readiness to all compatriots, executive bodies and public and private sector organizations to deliver these items.

The requested items are:

Audio and video devices (TV, computer, etc.)
Home appliances such as:

Juicer, electric mill, electric stirrer, iron, electric food processor, meat grinder, hair dryer, shaver, toaster, microwave, water heater, etc.

Workshop tools such as: wrenches, screwdrivers, drills, pliers, etc.