Delivering healthcare products to the area of Qaleh-Ganj /south of Kerman province

According to the public relations department of Pouya Institute, and following the outbreak of the fifth wave of Corona and the widespread of Covid-19 disease in Kerman province, 160 bottles of hand sanitizer gel, 192 bottles of shampoo and 300 bags of sterilizing pads worth 840 $ donated by good people were sent by the institute to the low-income area of Qaleh-Ganj in the south of this province.
Due to the last breakout of corona and the urgent need of residents in low-income areas of the province for health care products, Pouya institute announces its readiness to receive the following items:
–   Alcohol
–   Washing liquid
–   Disinfectant liquid or gel
–   Mask (disposable or cloth)
–   Napkins (pocket or box)