Covering a part of the total cost of textbooks

with your support and cooperation, and as a continuation of the campaign of providing textbooks for students in low-income areas, we were able to collect the sum of seventy-seven million Iranian tomans, or about two thousand eight hundred and fifty dollars, collected until September 14.
According to the Public Relations Department of Pouya institute, the donated money was distributed according to geographical regions as follows:
459 textbooks, valued at $800, were distributed to primary school students in the Reigan tribes district of Kerman province.
70 textbooks that cost a bout $130 were distributed to primary school students in the Jurf Hovaizeh district of Khuzestan province.
Dear ones, With the help of each other, we will also be able to save textbooks money for  other regions, with noticing that a little time left until the end of the textbook registration period.