According to the public relations of the “Pouya, Hamyaran-E-Farhang-O-Honar “Institute, in Dey of  this year, an agreement was reached to build a 3classes – secondary school  in the village of Hajiabad in the Salehabad district of Khorasan Razavi province.

The school is located on an endowed education land with an area of 4000 square meters and its constructable area is estimated to be 139 square meters.

30% of the construction cost will be part of the commitment of the donors and the remaining 70% will be part of the obligation of the General Directorate of Renovation, Development and Equipping of the province.

Pouya Institute invites all honorable donors to participate in the construction of this school as the first construction project of “All-Partnership”, for the desired amount.

It should be noted that there are 603 people living in Hajiabad village and the primary school students of the village have to travel a long distance to continue their education or drop out of school after graduation due to the lack of  secondary school.