Activities of “Pouya, Hamyaran farhang-o honar” Institute

 (Pouya Charity) 2020

Introduction :

“Pouya, Hamyaran Farhang-o- honar” is a non-profit and non-governmental organization, which was established with the collective efforts of people with experience in the field of school construction, school assistance and empowerment of youth and adolescents in deprived areas. Pouya Institute intends to expand awareness and efficiency, which is the first step in the path of cultural, social, and economic poverty, along with scientific and theoretical education to provide technical and professional skills for all and the growth and education of literate, skilled and cheerful people. To enable in all social aspects and dimensions, Pouya Institute has set its major goal to improve the quality of education and empowering the future builders of our country in deprived areas.

“Pouya, Charity” function is in four major areas:

A) Civil and construction activities:

Coordinating the construction, renovation, and equipping of 51 primary and secondary schools, sports and multi-purpose halls, libraries, student dormitories and washrooms includes:

33 projects of development and construction of school, vocational school and multi-purpose hall

6 projects of construction of lavatories

A project construction of medical space

10 reconstruction, renovation and repair of educational space

A project of construction of 6 hall dormitory for students.

Providing two water tanker to Motahary and Hakime school in Bent area of Nikshahr in Baluchistan.

  1. B) Supportive activities:

Preparing and sending stationery, sanitary supplies, backpacks, jackets, booklets, shoes, school uniforms for girls and boys to schools in Sistan and Baluchistan, South Khorasan and Khorasan Razavi, including:

  • 55,000 stationery pens (pens, pencils, …)
  • 45,000 booklets
  • 6,000 erasers
  • 6,200 school bags
  • 1,400 school uniforms
  • 400 packs of A4 paper
  • 2,201 Eid clothes
  • 280 winter Jackets
  • 400 pairs of shoes
  • 7,200 glasses, toothbrush and toothpaste
  • The following items have been prepared and sent to families of students in need:
  • Donation and sending of two TV sets to the family of a deprived student in Baghmian village of Torbat Heydariyeh and Khalilabad city
  • Preparing and donating a wheelchair to a 14-year-old student, from Darmian village, who was not able to participate to school due to lack of a wheelchair.
  • Providing of 120 food baskets for deprived villages of the Asadie in South Khorasan in the holy month of Ramadan 2020 for students’ families.
  • Pouya Institute sent food equivalent to 10 million Tomans for poor families and women heads of households in the suburbs of Tehran.
  • Helping the shed habitant who affected by the flood by donating 36 goats to them in Bent area of Nikshahr county of Baluchistan.
  • Preparation of 199 medical eyeglasses for students in deprived areas of Sistan and Baluchistan, Khorasan Razavi and southern Khorasan.
  • Providing hearing aids for student and Call for hearing aids for students in need with the participation of benefaction – Saba Company
  • Prepare and send 39 smart phones, 2 tablets and 5 laptops for students which is needed in low-income areas of Sistan-Baluchestan, Khorasan Razavi, South Khorasan, Kermanshah and Lorestan provinces.
  • Campaign for providing fruit juices for patients in hospitals and also  masks, gloves and disinfectants against corona virus:
  • In the first month of Corona outbreak in 2020, due to the peculiar conditions of the society due to the outbreak of this disease and the need for patients to increase and strengthen the safety of hospitalized patients, in addition because patients and hospitals did not have the conditions to prepare juice with the help of donors, the institute prepared 30,000 bottles of orange and carrot juice were sent and distributed to Masih Daneshvari, Shohada Tajrish, Firoozgar, Noor Afshar, Modares, hospitals under the supervision of the Ministry of Health.
  • The donors of the institute also donated 21,500 masks and 1,000 latex gloves, and 80 Litter of disinfectants part of which the institute donated to Shohada Tajrish Hospital and part to the families of the disabled or deprived in the suburbs of Tehran.
  • Pouya Institute participated in the call for small development programs of the United Nations Development in early 2012 and succeeded in getting the opinion of that organization in its proposal for controlling and preventing Coronavirus 19 (providing health and nutrition education) to 10,000 students.
  • And their families in the deprived area of Qala-e-Ganj county in the south of Kerman. This program will last 7 months and health packages will be provided to them.
  1. C) Cultural and educational:
  • Preparing and sending stationery, sanitary supplies, backpacks, jackets, booklets, shoes, school uniforms for girls and boys to schools in Sistan and Baluchistan, South Khorasan and Khorasan Razavi
  • Training of 30 secondary school teachers in Ghaenat city on the subject of communication skills and the use of new educational tools.
  • Getting the cooperation of Gage, Qalam Chi, Mobtakeran, Hermes, Khatesefid, Faeq and Eshare publishers to prepare educational aid books and delivering 3005 volumes of textbooks for schools and students in low-income areas. in addition, sending 2019 volumes other books to school libraries and public libraries, the submitted books was value 99,637,500 Tomans.
  • 1 case of establishing and equipping a library in Farzanegan Girls’ High School, district 6, Mashhad
  • Dynamic activities on children’s paintings:
  • partner students of Pouya carity in Khorasan Razavi and South Khorasan provinces were involved in painting with two themes of “My Wish” and “Nowruz” new year, participated in the activity, Pouya institute received 300 children’s paintings. The jury selected the best ones and printed them for the Persian new year 1399 greeting card. Some Companies interested and used these greeting cards for new year.
  • Bags’ containing painting equipment with the help of Aria Company was donated to selected students.
  • Moreover, out of these paintings, a 2021 new year greeting card was prepared and sent to the foreign embassies in Tehran.
  • Writing activities:
  • In the call for writing, with the cooperation of school principals and teachers in the days of Coronavirus pandemic, we were able to have about 70 writings from male and female students in the provinces of Khorasan Razavi, South and Sistan and Baluchistan.

UNESCO was considered to cooperate and accompany the institute in publishing the best writings.

  1. D) Skills development, entrepreneurship and equipping vocational schools and schools:
  • Equipping the tailoring workshop of Hazrat Zeinab vocational school in Ghohestan, South Khorasan with all the necessary tools which include:
  • Stitch machine with a table   1
  • Sewing machine with a table 2
  • Automat sewing multi propose machine 7
  • Tank steamer 2
  • Heavy iron          1
  • Dress maker mannequin         2
  • Automatic table         1
  • Cold iron      1
  • Revolving armchair        2
  • Iron pad      1
  • Scissor      1
  • Electric scissors     1
  • pinking shears    2
  • Button fixing machine          1
  • Equipping the carpentry hall with the industrial equipment required in the Dar al-Fonun vocational school in Ghaen city.
  • Equipping the designing and drawing hall of the Dar al-Fonun vocational school.
  • Donating a German wrought iron industrial unit to Ghaen vocational school
  • Sending the industrial sewing machine also cloths to Ghafouri vocational school in Bardaskan
  • Preparing curtains for halls of Ghafouri dormitory in Bardaskan
    • Providing sewing machines and related equipment to “Nedaye Omid vocational school which include:
  • Stitch machine with a table            1
  • Tank steamer         1
  • Automat sewing multi propose machine 1
  • Dress maker mannequin             1
  • Scissor              1
  • Suction ironing table        1
  • Cold iron        1
  • Heavy iron      1
  • Revolving armchair              2
  • Iron pad      2
  • Equipping the dining hall of the Dar al-Fonun students’ dormitory with 60 chairs and 12 tables
    • Equipping three primary schools with 3 water heaters in Ivar village in Khalilabad city
    • Equipping several schools with 17 blackboards (whiteboard)
    • Providing and delivary a computer & printer and its accessories to Depp School in Baluchistan
    • Providing wardrobes and personal items for students in the workshop hall of Darolfunun vocational schools
    • Installation of tool shelves in the warehouse of Darolfunun vocational schools – Ghaen city
    • Providing and delivary 23 drawing tables, 12 computer desks, 15 folding desks, 5 wheelchairs and 12 writing desks to the vocational schools in Ferdows, Darmian and Qaen cities and Raad Al-Ghadir charity.
  • Preparation of 280 work uniforms for the students of Dar Al-Fonun vocational school – Ghaen
  • Order 1500 sets of uniforms and Eid clothes for male and female students to the workshop of Robabeh School in Sabzevar.

Sport equipment:

  • Donation of sports equipment to 22 girls and boys schools in Bardaskan, Khalilabad, Kuhsorkh and Darmian counties, including:

5 bicycles from Cross Wheel Company for students in low-income  areas, 2 darts,   4 horizontal bars(barfix), 12 soccer balls, 7 badminton rackets with balls, 1 chess, 5 handball tables, 3 ping pong tables with rackets and balls, 4 Hula Hoop, 4 Sport Ropes, 2 balls for Basketball, 15 balls and nets of volleyballs.

Skills training:

  • Skills training for 40 girls and boys in the fields of traditional and modern sewing, medical emergencies, pharmacy, cooking, car electricity, carpentry, cabinet making, furniture repair, car mechanical and, MDF, cooking and plumber job in suburbs of Zahedan city in Baluchistan.
  • Participation in holding a charity bazaar to sell traditional rural products by offering Baluchi needlework

Other activities:

  • Concluding a memorandum of understanding between Pouya Institute and:
  • Ghaen Azad University, to synergize the activities of Pouya Institute
  • Sepehr Ghaen Cultural Development Foundation
  • Iran-Germany Vocational Technical Center, Mashhad
  • Khorasan Razavi Charitable Association
  • South Khorasan Charitable Association
  • Sistan and Baluchestan Charitable Association
  • Hoda House in Sistan and Baluchistan
  • Cross Wheel Industrial Group
  • Women and Youth Entrepreneurship

Development Foundation

  • Dutch Baloch Cooperative

– Sending the condolence stand to some ceremonies (20 times)

– Obtaining a license and installing a building sign and a guide for the office of Pouya     Institute on Beheshti Street (down town)

– Pursue obtaining a license and installing a banner introducing the Pouya Institute in District 7 of the municipality and installing it in Sohrevardi Square

– Also, installation of a dynamic introduction banner in Velenjak gas station and Palladium commercial complex with the help of a philanthropist.

List of inugutated or complited projects ( counstruction or equipping)
type project No. No. of
Name of donor provnince county city/village position
1 Constructing elementary school 1 6 MS. Dr. Saiidi Razavi Khorasan Razavie Shorak inugurated
2 Multy purpose hall 3 Abas Heydari monfared Razavi Khorasan Kohsorkh Akbarabad inugurated
3 Multy purpose hall 4 Mohsen Jozi Razavi Khorasan kohsorkh Maki inugurated
4 Constructing elementary school 6 4 Dr. Hamid Mahmod hashemi Razavi Khorasan Sabzevar Borzo inugurated
5 Equipping hadicap school 7 MS. Dr. Talie Hashemi Razavi Khorasan Sabzevar Sabzevar inugurated
6 Recounstruction of School 8 6 Asghar Heydari Monfared Razavi Khorasan sabzevar Kalat inugurated
7 Recounstruction of School 9 6 Abas Heydari monfared Razavi Khorasan Sabzevar Aayani inugurated
8 Constructing elementary school 11 3 MS. Mino Mosavi Razavi Khorasan Kohsorkh Rivash Complited
9 Constructing elementary school 13 2 MS. Frank&Reza Zand Namdar Razavi Khorasan Kohsorkh Ivar inugurated
10 Constructing Danesh school 15 6 Ms.Esfandiary& Mr. alahverdi Razavi Khorasan Razavie Ghav borj complited
12 Constructing Alborz school 16 6 Sedighi&Balagar families Razavi Khorasan Razavie Ghazghan Complited
13 landscaping & cement of
yard of school
17 4 Abedini Brothers Razavi Khorasan Khalil abad Tokmar Complited
14 Constructing lavatory of school 18 Dr. Salehi Moghadam Razavi Khorasan Ivar Kohsorkh Complited
15 Constructing lavatory of school 22 Ramazan Hoseinzadeh Razavi Khorasan Khalil abad Tokmar Complited
16 Equipping self of dormitory 23 Ms. Hora Moslehi jonobi Khorasan Ghaenat Ghaen Complited
17 Constructing  khan school 24 6 Mehdi Davod pour Razavi Khorasan bardescan Hasanabad complited
18 construction of Andishe vocational school 25 Ms. Talafi Darian & Mother
and child foundation
Razavi Khorasan Mashhad Ghasemabad Complited
19 Constructing Rashed technical hall in vocational school 26 Ms. Rashed Marandi Razavi Khorasan Mashhad Ghasemabad Complited
20 Constructing Niki School 27 6 Ghafori & Shirin Mosavi families Razavi Khorasan Khalil abad Saadodin inugurated
21 Stablish and Equipping Libarary 28 Dr. Merdad Zaman pour Razavi Khorasan Mashhad District 6 Complited
22 Constructing elementary School 29 2 Haj ali Sedighi Razavi Khorasan Khalil abad Khalil abad inugurated
23 reconstruction of
vocational School
30 Pouya Razavi Khorasan Ferdos Ferdos Complited
24 Constructingt lavatory of school 31 Pouya jonobi Khorasan Nehbandan Shend Maleki Complited
25 Constructing elementary School 35 2 Abas rahpeyma jonobi Khorasan Ferdos Eslamie inugurated
26 Constructing elementary School 36 4 Hasan Raftary jonobi Khorasan Birjand Arian Complited
27 Constructing technical hall for
vocational school
37 Hasan Raftary jonobi Khorasan Ghaenat Gaen Complited
28 Constructing technical hall for
vocational school
38 Ms. Rashed Marandi jonobi Khorasan Tabas Dastgardan Complited
29 Constructing technical hall for
vocational school
39 Dr. Zahrani jonobi Khorasan Darmian Asadie Complited
30 Imam Reza elementary School 41 5 Ahmad Shamsian Sistan&Balouchestan Iranshahr Naserabad Complited
31  Esmail Shamsian  School 42 5 Ahmad Shamsian Sistan&Balouchestan Nikshahr Dahan, Bent complited
32 Hojat Shamsian Shool 43 5 Ahmad Shamsian Sistan&Balouchestan Nikshahr Dastgerd,Bent Complited
33 Qamar Shamsian School 44 3 Ahmad Shamsian sistan&Balouchestan Sib-soran Meydar Complited
34 Renovation elementary School 51 6 Zand Family Razavi Khorasan Kohsorkh Ivar Complited
35 Renovation three  thecnical halls of Vocational  School 58 Alireza Tavakoli jonobi Khorasan Ghaenat Ghaen complited
36 Constructing 10  Lavatories 59 Pouya & Babak Sadeghi Sistan&Balouchestan Fonoj Fonoj Complited
37 renovation elementary School 101 4 Amin Moghadam sistan&Balouchestan Ghasre Ghand Dep Complited
38 Equipping vocationmal school 105 Austraila (DAP) jonobi Khorasan Ghohestan Darmian Complited
39 Constructing room for an slam 110 Soheila Tehrani-Kimia Kazemi sistan&Balouchestan Nikshahr Bent Complited
40 Equipping vocationmal school 111 Austraila (DAP) jonobi Khorasan Darmian Tabas masina Complited