According to the public relations of “Pouya Hamyaran-E-Farhang-O-Honar Institute, Khodadad Oliaei, Advisor to the chairman of the Technical and Vocational Education Organization and Director General of Skills Training in Makran Beaches, along with  Mohammadi, Director of Inspection and Performance Evaluation of the organization, visited the Institute

In this meeting, Oliaei explained the necessity of skills training in the organization, pointed to the population of 800,000, people in Makran and announced the establishment of the General Directorate of Skills Training  in the near future.

Referring to the potential and actual capacities of Makran region, including: fisheries, Zarabad agro-industry, shrimp farming, Chabahar petrochemical and Darak ecotourism, he announced the organization’s readiness to create a capacity for educating learners; And welcomed the participation of Pouya Institute and the private sector in this field.

In this meeting, Ehsan Afsarian, CEO of Pouya Institute, explained the areas of education and employment and the separation of the duties of these two areas, the institute’s readiness to equip vocational workshops in the region with the aim of educating students and the joint use of technical and vocational education Applicants expressed the precondition of the absence of legal barriers.

Reminds that Makran region includes the cities of Sistan and Baluchestan province, including: Chabahar, Konarak, Dashtiari, Zarabad, Nikshahr, Qasrgand and Rask, as well as Hormozgan province with the cities of: Jask, Sirik, Minab and Bashagard, which in the years The latter has been considered as the economic center of the country.