A family that have lived in a thatched hut, moved to their new home

Many families in Shahrisanabad village in Sistan and Baluchestan Province live in thatched huts.
According to the Public Relations Department of Pouya charity, and during the periodic tour to the region, a family with eight-member asked to build a house to shelter and protect them from the dangers caused by natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes, as well as from insects and Poisonous reptiles scattered in the area.
therefore the administrative board presented the project to the philanthropists, and by dint of each of the women: Kimia Kazemi, Sohaila Tehrani and Zahra Erdhani, money was collected to build a large room with an area of ​​twenty square meters equipped for the members of this family to live.
It is worth mentioning that the people of these poor areas resort to living in huts that they build from the stems and leaves of the wild palms that are widespread in the area.