Opening of the Largest Vocational and Empowerment Center for boys of 14 years of ago and over, in Sabzevar, Khorasan Razavi.

The Home of Baran held a grand opening on November 29th, 2019 in Sabzevar. This event was held in Sabzevar’s largest conference hall and was accompanied by POUYA’s management and affiliated philanthropists, governmental officials and individuals from private sectors.  Mrs. Soleimani, the Chief Manager of Home of Baran welcomed all guests, and explained the goals and needs of the town which led to establishment of the center in Sabzevar. Mrs. Soleimani went on to say that this project was first started in 2010, with a foundation of 1550 square meters, in a land lot of 60000 meters square, which has costed about 35 Billion Rials (about 650 Thousand Euros considering inflation), all with the help of generous donors. She showed great optimism to accept 14 old, and older, male applicants and hoped for generous donations to continue in order to fund equipment necessary for the center.
She continued to thank the generous donors whose names have been hacked on the walls, all around the center. She proudly indicated that the center is ready to accept upto 100 mentally disabled children by the end of Iranian-calendar year. She hoped and requested for donations to continue as their needs for more equipment still exists, especially as there are 7000 physical and mental disabled individuals in Sabzevar, and only 3 operating care centers. In continuation, POUYA’s management congratulated the establishment of the center and awarded 2 valuable gifts to Home of Baran. The event continued very warmly, as philanthropists and famous celebrities also participated in it. After visiting different sections of Home of Baran, all participants wished the center well, as they pledged to continue their contributions.