Visit Robabe Shoraka Sewing Workshop and Studio

Robabe Shoraka Sewing Workshop and Studio was first established in 2018, next to a school for special children, by a philanthropist who named the studio after her recently deceased mother. This institution has been established with the main goal of empowering girls with mental and physical disabilities, under supervision of Mrs. Rahimi, and it has achieved many accomplishments so far. In this studio, hands on and applied skills are taught to girls and readies them for social presence, by empowering their social skills, communications skills, as well as self confidence.
On November 29th, 2019, more than 30 people from POUYA’s management and philanthropists visited this studio. Initially, a video of the activities and achievements of the children of this studio were played for the guests, which open opportunities for a strong bonding between the children and philanthropists. After, guests visited different sections, from the educational and training classrooms, production studio, and packaging section. After visiting different areas and opportunities to talk to students, areas of cooperation were introduced. During this visit, POUYA’s guests allocated funds to purchase uniforms for students of schools and vocational centers, as well as New Year’s clothing for children of impoverished areas. Additional funds were donated for further equipment of the sewing studio.